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Transparent screens are often required for aesthetic reasons, and are normally used in specific locations to create “windows” onto the landscape for drivers, and have a lower visual impact on people living in the vicinity.

The transparent screens are noise reflecting and made of polymethacrylate PMMA sheets.

BAUNTS studies in detail the connection system used to attach the transparent sheets to the supporting structure (generally using standard IPE or HEB steel profiles) in order to adapt to the thermal dilation of the sheets, and ensure that the seals retain their soundproofing qualities. These systems have a relative impact on the environment, but at Baunts they are treated and constructed using systems that prevent fragments from coming loose, which may pose a risk.

BAUNTS also checks that there is no risk of light reflecting on the surface of the screens that may dazzle or distract drivers.

We design all of our transparent screens using a surrounding frame that provides stability, stiffness, and prevents splinters from coming loose in the event of breakage. For safety reasons, Baunts recommends that the bottom part of the screen is made of absorbent material or with a metallic acoustic panel in zones that are unprotected or close to vehicle traffic.

BAUNTS produces these screens with a supporting structure made of standard steel profiles, held in place by foundations, which are calculated and sized according to the weight to be supported.

Our screens can be supplied in different standard RAL colours, offering an architectural design that fits in perfectly with the surroundings, as well as helping to prevent road accidents by using sections in different or alternating colours, helping to break with the visual monotony of driving.


Our transparent screens are noise reflecting and made of polymethacrylate PMMA sheets.

Methacrylate PMMA

Methacrylate is a highly transparent product of optical quality and highly resistant to bad weather conditions and physical impact. Polymethylmetacrylate (PMMA) is a high quality plastic, which can be used with an extensive range of colours and surface finishes, as well as metallic and graded finishes, amongst others.

Its properties include:

Transparency value of almost 92%. It is the most transparent type of plastic.
Highly resistant to impact, 10 to 20 times more than glass.
Resistant to bad weather conditions and UV rays. No visible aging after 10 years’ exposure to the elements.
• Excellent acoustic insulator.
Light in comparison to glass (weighs approximately half) with a density of around 1190 kg/m3, only a little heavier than water.
Hardness similar to aluminium.
Does not produce toxic gases on combustion, making it a very safe product for elements in close contact with people.
Very easy to shape and mould.


BAUNTS constructs these barriers in two sheet thicknesses (15 mm and 20 mm), which provide the screen with sufficient surface mass (kg/m2) to provide an airborne sound-proofing index as per the European EN 1793-2 standard of >30 dB

In collaboration with the Technical Department, our Design Department can provide tailor-made solutions for special projects.
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